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5 Reasons to Custom-Order Your Next Celebration Cake – Cake Bakery North Vancouver

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At Bisou Bakehouse cake bakery North Vancouver, we take great pride in designing and handcrafting custom cakes that reflect your vision. We only use the freshest, highest quality ingredients and always take the time to get to know you and your celebration prior to beginning the design process.

With celebratory cakes being at the centre of attention at any gathering, there’s something special about getting one custom-made. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday for a loved one, throwing your best friend a baby shower or surprising a family member for an achievement, a custom cake presents a special level of detail. It makes your loved ones feel loved, appreciated and recognized, helping make the day more memorable.

How do custom cake designs match up to store-bought cakes and why do custom-made reign supreme?

Creating Special, Lasting Memories

Custom cakes help create emotional, truly lasting memories. Cutting into a cake that was custom designed for your loved one, while your closest family and friends are gathered around you creates an emotional moment that’s hard to forget. A cake can become the centre of attention at any gathering – whether funny and reflecting an inside joke, elegant and refined or innovative and creative.

A Custom, Elegant Taste

Do you know the favourite flavour of the star of the show? We take great care in custom-crafting flavours according to your wishes. Whether you prefer a light and fresh combination of flavours or a marriage of decadent, luxurious and rich tastes that intertwine to create an unforgettable experience for the palette, there is nothing like a custom cake flavour.

Regardless of the exterior of your cake, we can custom- craft any flavour on the inside. From cakes draped in white fondant but filled with a dark decadent chocolate filing to colourful cakes built on a base of red velvet, the combinations are endless.

A Small Investment in Quality

Custom cakes are a small investment in quality. Being more expensive than store-bought, ready-made supermarket cakes, made-to-order cakes are an unforgettable experience for the palette. From the moment you unveil our creation to the moment you cut into it among your family and friends, it’s an experience that lends itself to a taste and design that was cared for from start to finish.

A Special Aesthetic Appeal

Custom cakes can become the centre of attention at any celebration, event or gathering whether personal or corporate. During our consultation together, we will be sure to ask you whether or not you have a colour scheme in mind. This way, we can custom-tailor the colour palette of your cake in a way that complements your event’s interiors. This not only elevates the visual impact of your event but also impresses adult guests and kids alike.

Our cake bakery North Vancouver, Bisou Bakehouse, takes great pride in crafting custom cakes that reflect the visions of our clients. By getting in touch with us, you can chat to one of our friendly, attentive and talented staff members and get started.