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Most of us absolutely love sugary, delectable pastries and we know you’d love what we have to offer at our French bakery in North Vancouver. it’s no secret that pastry making originated and continues to be led by the French. France has a rich history of pastry-making and this beautiful nation’s historic chefs are the master creators of some the world’s favourite desserts.

Let’s take a look at 5 famous French desserts you know and probably love.

Meringue Tart

Most of us are familiar with meringue tarts. They come made in a wide variety of flavoured custard fillings from lemon and traditional curd, to lime and blueberry. They are made with a pastry shell and filled with the flavoured curd, after which they are topped with little meringue peaks.


Financiers are small french cakes that look like cookies but have the taste and texture of a sponge cake. They are baked in moulds and look similar to madeleines. Traditionally, they are crafted with almond flour, almonds, egg whites, brown butter and sugar. They are perfect for anyone leading a gluten-free lifestyle! For vegans, egg whites can also be substituted with chickpea liquid.

It is told that this recipe was invented by pastry chef Lasne in the 19th century. He invented this cookie and shaped it into a brick of gold to please his business broker clients.


You are probably familiar with these crunchy and delectable cookies. They are made from puff pastry and finished off with a sprinkling of sugar. Because of their charming shape, you might also know them as elephant ears, pig’s ears or even glasses.

This cookie pairs perfectly with tea or coffee and can be elevated with a variety of other fillings and spices.

Crêpes Suzette

These incredible fragrant crepes are prepared with a flame and doused in “beurre Suzette”, which is a sauce made out of butter, caramelized sugar and tangerine zest, juice and liquors that are flavoured with orange like Grand Marnier.

Historically, they are known to be invented by Henri Charpentier in Monaco, back in 1895. The story goes that Charpentier was a 15-year-old assistant waiter working at Café de Paris in Monte Carlo and accidentally set a pan of crepes on fire – crepes that were being prepared for the Prince of Wales at the time.

Crème Caramel

Most of the world is familiar with and maybe even grew up eating crème caramel. It consists of a custard base, made in little metal cups and topped with a soft, luxurious and silky caramel sauce. It is unknown where exactly this delicious dessert originated.

In the mood for French Pastries or keep searching for a french bakery in North Vancouver? Please don’t hesitate to call us to see what we have to offer today, baked fresh in small batches. If you have time, we’d love to meet you! Pass by our French bakery in North Vancouver to try our delectable treats.

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Photo by Anh Hoang Pham from Pexels