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History & Recognition

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“Small beginnings are the launching pad to great endings.”

Joyce Meyer

The Start of Something Special

Our first steps

Our journey began in 2006 in West Vancouver in a 400sqf shop. It was just us – 5 close friends with a dream. We wanted to use our pastries as a canvas to tell stories and inspire with impeccable tastes, nostalgic aromas, and artfully made confections. And just like that, we were able to win over the hearts of our communities.

We’re Right Around the Corner

Expanding our reach to grocery stores

Within three years as the quality of our baked goods gained us more and more recognition throughout Vancouver, we were in some of Canada’s most renowned grocery stores: Wholefoods, Save on Foods, T&T OSAKA, Choices, Loblaws, and numerous other independent grocery stores across Canada and throughout the U.S.

Your Home Away from Home

Breaking into the hospitality industry

In 2014, we expanded into supplying some of Vancouver’s most celebrated and respected luxury hotels with our freshly baked confections. We work with all of the Fairmont hotels across Vancouver, the Georgia hotel, and multiple other establishments you know and love.

Persevering Through Challenge

Growing during the pandemic

Today, we’re proud to say that irrespective of the challenges that the pandemic presented to us and so many businesses around the globe, we have only continued to grow. In 2021, we hired over 20 new team members both locally and overseas and purchased over $200,00 worth of equipment to reflect our commitment to excellence.

Up in the Clouds

Commercial aviation catering

Continuing to broaden our reach, we are thrilled to announce that in 2021, we began our journey with DNATA to supply Turkish Airlines, Indian Airlines, Emirates and, soon, Disney Land cuisine with our pastries and breads.

From the Bottom of
Our Hearts

Thank You

With such passion, craftsmanship, and a genuine love for what we do, we are sure that this is still only the beginning. Throughout our journey, you have given us unfaltering devotion and support. Thank you Vancouver and Canada for trusting us and being the key to our success.