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A great sandwich packs tonnes of flavour and textural variety in every single bite. That’s the secret to a great sandwich. Although some sandwiches are meant to be simple and down to their bare bones, others benefit from some special ingredients or techniques that really take them to the next level. At Bisou, our catering North Vancouver bakehouse is dedicated to sandwiches that pack mouth-watering tastes with a superior ingredient selection.

For example, a simple ham and cheese doesn’t have to be boring, neither does an egg salad sandwich, however, get yourself the highest quality ingredients that you can as they make all the difference. Instead of American style processed cheese, go for a deep, aged cheddar. Instead of bologna, aim high with a nice cut of smoked ham and a block of fresh, farm-style butter.

For a peanut butter and jelly sandwich:

  • Get yourself a crispy, solid loaf of bread to toast lightly
  • Grab a nice strawberry or raspberry jam
  • Buy a jar of peanut butter with only one thing on the ingredient list: peanuts. Avoid peanut butters loaded with bulking agents, sugars or palm oil.
  • Layer them all together and enjoy.

At Bisou, we take great pride in making sandwiches that aren’t just lunch, but a work of art. We handpick the highest quality ingredients for a revelational flavour experience that does not disappoint. If you want to enjoy the simple pleasures of our sandwiches, you can now order with Uber Eat and Doordash.

Just 3 sandwiches, but a carefully crafted taste like no other.

  1. Grilled Halloumi with Black Sesame
  2. Smoked Turkey with Gruyere
  3. Montreal Brisket with Brie

What are the secrets to a great sandwich?

Special Sauce

There’s nothing like a special sauce to take things to the next level. A sandwich without a sauce is boring, dry and lacks vibrancy. Level up some basic ingredients you have. There are so many great, simple recipes on the internet for making your own thousand island sauce, special mayo and even a luxury big mac sauce. A great, classic sauce for burgers and sandwiches is a combination of ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, mayo and finely chopped pickles. Feel free to add some black pepper and white vinegar.

Great Bread

Don’t underestimate the importance of bread. Use a robust, crispy bread that will hold its shape rather than one that is doughy and turns paper-thin in the presence of other ingredients. Ciabatta is great for paninis and sandwiches as it retains its structure yet is soft enough to absorb the sauces and juices of the sandwich. You can also try a sourdough or a baguette for different types of sandwiches.

Good Ratio

The ratio is important. You don’t want your sandwich to be all bread, neither do you want the bread to disappear amongst the ingredients. If your bread buns are already too big, you can slice them in half and pull some bread from the middle to make room for the other ingredients. You can also slice a bun in 3s and save the middle slice for another purpose. Make sure that you aren’t using too much of one ingredient as this can overpower the entire flavour profile.

Textural Variety

The texture is king in sandwiches. Add crispiness with fried onion bits, bacon bits, toasted sesame seeds or even crumbled croutons. For moisture, you always need your special sauce. For creaminess and body, your favourite cheese will do – something like an aged cheddar, a fresh mozzarella, a halloumi, a blue cheese… the options are endless. If you eat meat, go for high-quality deli meat or shred leftovers from dinner, whether chicken, pulled pork or barbeque brisket.


Freshness pulls everything together and adds lightness and balance. Some iceberg lettuce, shredded carrots, marinated beets, thin tomato slices or sprouts. There are so many options. Just add your favourite vegetable and leafy green. You can also sprinkle herbs like dill, mint and cilantro for extra flavour.

With some experimentation, you can be a sandwich-making master; for the days where you’d rather have it ready-to-eat from our master chefs, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and see what we’ve made for the day! You can also order on Uber Eats, Doordash, pick up in-store or get wholesale for any events and parties with our catering North Vancouver service.