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Welcome to the world of Bisou

Our beloved premium bakery located on Vancouver’s shimmering north shore. We take immense pride in the work we do to bring our customers the very best. We start with the finest ingredients, masterfully prepared by our world-class chefs. Our promise? Crackers, cookies and baked goods that you can trust. Always made with love, never with preservatives. From our family, to yours with love.



Our name, “Bisou” comes from the French word for “kiss” – an embodiment of the delightful sensory experience that our confections bring. We believe everyone should get to experience the joy of eating happily and in the moment. Our treats strive to do just that.

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Masterfully Selected

Baking is our passion. It’s at the heart of everything we do and would not be possible without the dedication of our skilled and talented chefs. At Bisou, we craft every one of our products with high-quality, kitchen-pantry ingredients. This means ingredients that are fresh, simple and good for you.

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Artfully Handmade

We pride ourselves on the decadency of our golden confections. From lush cookies and baked goods to delicate, wholesome crackers, every one of our products is handcrafted with great care. A harmony of textures and aromas that satisfy every taste.

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Carefully Controlled

Our dedication to quality extends to food safety. Bisou is home to a stringent set of production protocols that prioritize food safety and manufacturing. These processes establish the foundation from which we craft our consistently high-standard delights.